UGANDA 9 DAY TRIP! TBD 2018…$800 + air!

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ReturnHope takes Jesus’s command to love our neighbor very serious.  The number one request of a person in a 3rd world country is to meet you and get to know you!

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Food, Transportation, Hotel, and Tips are included!  On our trips you must be able to serve using your passion and profession or please don’t come.  This is not what is typically known in most mission circles as a “Voluntourism” trip for you.  This is a hard working, relational, serving, get dirty, trip!  We are staying in the same area the whole time. Bugiri Uganda is where we aim!  No complaining allowed.  We honor Africa’s culture and this trip is a privilege, not a vacation.  This is a Jesus trip. All credit goes to Him.  You will arrive as a stranger and leave as a friend that made a difference in the world and we believe you will never be the same!


Q:  Do I need a Passport?  A: Yes.   (Click the Passport to get details.)

Your passport cannot passport U.S.expire within 6 months of our trip return date –  It is important to have two color copies of your passport. One copy left at home and the other to take on your trip and kept separate from your real passport. 


Q:  Do I need vaccinations?  A: Yes.  ReturnHope recommends…Passport Health. ( Click their logo for information)

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