ONE TOWN Initiative! Bugiri, Uganda (Namayemba District)

“That which you do for the least of these, you do unto me.” — Jesus in Matthew 25:40

Christian servants from America and other countries around the world have been in Africa for hundreds of years.  RHI thinks that is amazing. However… after all those years and efforts, can you think of even one town in Africa that has been transformed out of poverty, into a self sustainable community?  I can’t think of one.  Why is this?  RHI wants to transform one town into total self sufficiency.  Think of the legacy and example this would create for others to learn from!




As the founder of RHI, I do not take a salary of any kind. That means 100% of the money we all invest through RHI…gets sent to Uganda.  This fact makes it easy for me to ask you for an investment in the life change business of Return Hope International!  Below are some average costs for some of the work that is happening.

Bible/training tools ($100), Construction for facilities($18 sq. ft.), create business/trade/training (ie sewing machine $150),  school supplies($10), desks($70) uniforms($15), shoes($20) mosquito nets($3), medicine & emergency care($500 – 1k), goat ($20-50), bike($150), Acre of Land for farming ($5000) John Deere Tractor ($45,000) and many other options to choose from.  Give me (Trent) a call and we’ll chat about it with no pressure.  See our contact page for contact information.

We are transforming Bugiri Uganda into self sufficiency!  Funds are used towards the most essential needs of the community.  Many programs support children, but leave the teachers/leaders/pastors unprovided for as they work sacrificially.  A teacher’s or a pastor’s family income, is estimated between $100 to $160 per month.  

“RHI believes if we support the school’s adult leadership and work to create self sufficiency, then the children are cared for and loved too.” — Trent Renner

2014-02-05 10.51.302014-02-03 03.40.18 ReturnHope works with the locals (meaning we ask and listen to what they know their own community needs) to determine what are the most important community needs and invest accordingly.  Our goal is not handouts, but the removal of obstacles that are stunting the possibility of being self sustaining.2014-02-06 08.47.22


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ReturnHope believes this is the way Jesus desires for all people to live and serve.

Jesus said, “That which you do for the least of these, you did unto me.”  Matthew 25:40

 What will you receive as a donor?

The ability to influence change using the experience and expertise that you possess!  And… 2014-02-03 02.48.36The joy of knowing you helped change the world now!    You will also receive email updates showing the work that is being done in the villages and communities because of your investment.  You can write a letter to the community or an individual in it and we can have people reply and tell you how they are doing and things you can pray for.

ReturnHope’s prayer is that you would travel over to Uganda with us and see needs and then come home and be an advocate for the change that God is asking you to make.

ReturnHope is praying for your $40 or more per month investment.  It really makes a difference.  Would you consider sacrificing something like eating out with your family just one time per month and give that amount to a community that is praying for your help?  You can be the answer to their prayers.


There are multiple options to give.  You can click the Red Donate Button on the top of this page, or your can give by clicking the PayPal Logo below, if you prefer PayPal.  Either way…THANK YOU for investing in Kingdom work!  It will not be in vain.

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