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In this 21st Century…NO ONE should have to drink dirty water!10453306_10152503245993328_2595249079522649852_n2014-02-01 03.50.38

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Everyday young girls are at risk of being raped as they go to remote water sources to gather diseased water to carry home. On average a trip to the water source and back home is more than 3 miles on foot. (These Jerry Cans pictured weigh at least 40 pounds when full) In Uganda around 25% of a woman or child’s time is spent carrying water. This makes it nearly impossible for the kids to go to school. Your gift of fresh water literally gives people a chance to move forward in education, disease prevention and safety!

3.5 Million people die every year from the preventable diseases caused by having no choice but to drink water that is contaminated.  Most Americans would not let their pets drink the water we are talking about of even wash your hands in this nasty liquid.  This dilemma has caused many to lose hope in ever being healthy in life.  Your generosity is a critical factor to being able to RETURNHOPE the some very wonderful people who are praying for help.

The gift of fresh water is a gift of life!  (Literally) 

You hold the key to solving the injustice of people having no choice but to drink diseased water!
After much research and negotiations, ReturnHope International can be the vehicle you use to contribute to conquering preventable illness caused by water born diseases.

The complete cost is $7000.00 (That is a fantastic price!) 

Your generosity will impact the lives of thousands and will be a blessing to the community for generations to come.

Great lengths are taken in accessing the most-hard-to-reach areas in Uganda where there is great suffering. ReturnHope International reaches communities in the greatest need – Most areas in Uganda Africa are places not eligible to receive a borehole by the government.  It is not a risk to drill in these areas, Uganda is a land of plenty of water, it just takes work to get it!   So many in Africa feel like they have been forgotten and you and I can show them that they matter, God loves them and that they are never forgotten.


(Click Videos Below to hear 2 teen’s talk about dirty water problems in Uganda.)

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Every well that ReturnHope get’s drilled will be organized with a Water Usage Committee chosen in the area to oversee the rules and regulations of the borehole.

ReturnHope guarantees the highest quality materials are used in our water wells that you invest in!  With drilling technology increasing  daily, the cost of drilling a fresh water bore hole is dramatically decreasing.  This is great news because nearly 2 boreholes can be drilled for the price of what one cost just over a year ago!!   ReturnHope contracts for Water and we guarantee that the $7000 you invest will provide a completed water well that has a water committee to manage it and a financial plan by the people in the community to set aside money to repair the well if anything breaks or needs replaced, and the communication/accountability  to make sure it is all done accurately and with integrity.

There is no reason the water well you donate will not provide fresh water for decades to come and more!  When the well is finished you will be notified of the location which will allow you to visit the well in the future!  The best way to visit your well, is to travel with ReturnHope International and enjoy meeting the people your gift directly impacted…on location!

wells of life wellfinished water well


New technology is allowing for the costs of drilling to go down dramatically from even a year ago!

New technology is allowing for the costs of drilling to go down dramatically from even a year ago!