Construction on our School Facility! (Check this out)

The less fortunate in Uganda deserve a great school facility just like our kids do…  Right?

I believe for every school door we open, a poverty door closes!

ReturnHope is building a multi-purpose school facility.  RHI is in process of building a high quality school!  This facility will be 4 stories tall and educate 800 students a school year!  This is a world changer for the people of Bugiri Uganda. It will serve as a Church, a community center, and much more!  Our building is of such quality and size that it is getting Ugandan Government attention, and other economic development’s attention.  A new hotel was just built within walking distance of the school (2019).  We now have a quality place to stay when we go work with the school and ministry work we are leading in Uganda!

We only build this facility as we have the money up front.  Will you help us finish this building?  100% of your donation goes straight to Africa for this project.  In the Bible reference of Ecclesiastes 7:8, God says, “Finishing is better than starting, patience is better than pride.”  The facility you see will eventually receive a coat of smooth plastering and finishing touches of paint with excellent finishes and features that these great children deserve!


If you are willing to invest, there are multiple ways to give, and it is all tax deductible. Use the red donate button to give online or you can write a check and mail it.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Most recent photo of facility’s progress top of page. (4/9/2019) 


Beautiful look of Wings of structure.2015-06-21 03.58.402015-06-21 03.56.48

2015-06-22 00.33.16











A giant hole being dug through the lava rock to prepare for a very large septic tank system.  This great school facility will be equipped with toilets and showers.  This is no average school facility!  These are no average people in Uganda!  Jesus deserves way above Average!  🙂